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Monday, January 28, 2013

She’s so Polished….

I have always been a fan of OPI nail polish since I was a little girl. Cliché? maybe.... But honest;  Yes.  Like most catholic high school girls, i faithful did my nails every two weeks, and I would consistently chose OPI nail polish more times than I can count.

Yes, I have strayed over the years, dabbling in other brands of nail polish, but I've never felt the same satisfaction as my OPI painted days. The colors are vibrant, clean, durable, and labeled with such whimsical names…how could you not love them.

From my former acrylic days to my now neatly naturally manicure hands, my nail polish of choice remains OPI.

Check out the OPI color combinations below 
 (nail polish colleague) clockwise 

Pic Above 

1. Need Sunglasses 
  Birthday Babe & Into the night 
 Date to Knight
 Calling all Goddess & I vant to be Loved

2.                                        3.
 Shy Neon & Teal Palace                                            Haven't you 'ear of Van Gough
Lucky Lucky Lavender                                              DS Radiance & Hologram Diamond
& Color to Watch                                                    Pretty Poison & Slow up Already 
 DS Radiance & Lunceretainly           

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