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Friday, January 25, 2013

Bamboo Earrings

Bombarded with the images of plastics, nips, tucks, glitz and glam; even the most popular person desires a day of anonymity. Our young females should know that beauty is not depicted by the things you adorn yourself with, instead it’s in the beauty of the soul.  You can’t dress- up Your soul nor can you make-up Your character. Never feel the pressure to mask who you are, find comfort in every fiber of Your being.

 One of the most venerable comments would be referred to as the girl next door. Most people may think that being described as the girl next door is a frumpy connotation and reflection. Ironically even the most humble of girls exudes strength beyond her control lies within their Her. The strong attitude, independence, coolness, urban versatility and empowerment by higher education, makes her more beautiful than any manufactured attempt at perfection.

Beauty is community minded and confident about her destiny. Charm, fearlessness, and aptitude are indicative to her personal style. The girl next door enjoys the art of Life and every moment in ITS beauty. She is no slave to her labels, but a diva who knows that carrying a target shopping bag is just as fabulous as her Tiffany’s.
Lady Love Cool James poetically rapped about his wish to be loved by the girl next door in his song “around the way girl”.  And though that song may be dated, the message remains the same.  The Beauty of confidence is more attractive than the woman draped in jewels.

“…I love my bamboo earrings; at least two pair”

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