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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Autumn Dress

….the sister- friend of the Maxi dress 

Us girls love our Maxi dresses; and even more so during our summer and spring days. But when the fall season rolls around , we reluctantly put them away with all the rest of our super cute summer sundresses.

What I have found to be useful in purchasing a Maxi dress, is considering its multiple purpose styling options. 
Can it can cross over into the genre of seasons?  

Typical most Maxi dresses are multicolored and vibrant, giving its appeal for the cooler and hotter days of the year. However, if you make a note to own a maxi dress(s) that is a vibrant, solid in color, and complimentary to the bust, you can easily recycled them in to your wardrobe for the fall season. I joking like to referrer to this fashion adjustment as the Autumn dress…the sister- friend of the Maxi dress.

Here is my take of few alternations you can make to your Maxi dress to incorporate into your winter wear.

Orange maxi dress: Target
Brown cotton tee: H&M
Green Scarf: 5 Below
Brown wedge: Bakers
Jean Jacket: made by a friend…

Navy Blue Maxi dress: Old Navy
Black & Gray Sweater: H&M
Black knew boots: BGBG

Tip: Simple &  quick adjustments to your dress can change your look completely.

Turn your dress into a Skirt ... add a large statement piece ... Tie a knot in any of your long dress .... It’s the little things that matter ;-)

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