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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

...Concrete Rose

 Not every flower is a Rose...

I 'll  grow and learn more and more about myself and all the intricate parts that make me whole. I can accept all the things that I am worth and let go of the things that break my spirit. I know that I am worthy to be loved and settling for anything less would be shameful to His creation.  Love comes from within, nourishes your soul and blossoms out.  I desire to grow and be beautiful; a concrete rose that deserves every chance, rain drop and sunshine that the lily of the valleys are garden by.  I am nothing less than the next and everything more than I can imagine. I pray to God to help me understand and accept love.  Allow myself to trust in the journeys it will inevitably bring and every promise it will deposit. I am willing to believe in myself a bit more each day, and trust in His light in every moment

Aug 2011 entry inspired by one of my favorite poem

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