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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Cover Girl

Cover-ed-up girl 

On of the most appealing attribute of a woman it to be comfortable and elegant in how she feels about herself, and how she shares that with the world.   

Women have struggled with the idealism that power is only demonstrated in two ways, but we have grown to believe and live that Our power lies within. There is an abundance of beauty in the illusion of attraction without exposure.

To take a note out of the history books, in the 16th Century, just the slight relieve of a woman d├ęcolletage was striking.  The consequently d├ęcolletage was an aspect of a woman’s fashion.  One of the most charming looks is to be completely covered and still feel chic and graceful in your own right.

Radiate Your beauty and power that lies within. The treasure of life is to discover and share who YOU are with the world.

Jacket: XOXO Macy's
Dress: French Connection
Shoes: Steve Madden
Stockings: Target 

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