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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

DNA..whats in your Jeans?.

Your Denim Needs Attitude... There are so many types and styles of jeans available and out there.  So, when choosing the best jeans think about two things; complimentary and comfort. Select the best fit for your body type as well as whats comfortable for your lifestyle.  Figuratively and literary,  know your DNA; the make-up and its inflection. 
Your jeans can be a great transition piece. From causal to chic,  you can mix and match your shirt, shoes, and accessories to accent your DNA.    In a sense, jeans are coded with the same fabric, and with the variety in style, texture, length, fit and color; this shapes the sentiment that we are all a diverse sense of One. 

Try not to limited yourself to just one style, instead find at least 2 styles that compliments your personality or what i like to call at PerStylity. 

Your denim need attitude, love your Jeans. 

whats your favorite fit? 

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