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Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Gear

I intended on being comfortable for Thanksgiving; no jeans, no bulky sweater, no dress, no fanciness. This is of one of those holidays that you have to "dress to indulge'. And what i mean by that is; dress with the preparation and expectation that "hmmm maybe i'm going to eat too much today. Yup, I'll definitely be eating too much today." (lol)

And what always feels like the most comfortable gear to get glutinous in?!?
T-shirt and pair sweatpants.

Heres my take on the infamous T-shirt and sweats.

A simple T-shirt (purposely bought
a size(or 2) bigger)
Slate colored stretch pants, Blue racer-back Tank, Peace scarf and newsboy hat to top me off.

These were all pieces i already had and threw together for Turkey day.
I dressed for the occasion, and sure enough ate like it was an occasion (lol)

One of the most casual & comfortable GetsUps
FYI the entire outfit (minus boots) is under $18.00 !!

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