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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Vintage Earrings

One Saturday on my weekend consignment shop hunt, i stumbled across these Vintage Earrings. It was love at first site...
Since i've relocated, I wanted to check out my local consignment shops as well as surrounding suburban vintage boutiques, to get an idea of the kinds on consignment accessories that were available to me. I have always been a girl that knew how to revamp old pieces and make them new, so its always a joy for me to check on these kinds of shops.

When i saw these earring, it was too simple, they were a must have! They were simply made gold hoop earrings with a Zebra charme dangling. When I took a closer look, i saw the details in the simplicity of the was as if it were an optical illusion.

 Front view, the Zebra charm appeared as one piece, but at horizontal view, it was actually 3 individual piece separated by golds balls, which made up the One Zebra.

Best part about this Saturday hunt...i was able to bargain down to $5 bucks !
That Saturday was a good day. 
Vintage love'em...had to hav'em !

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