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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pretty Tripping...

A friend of mine called me up earlier this week; it seems that she was going on a trip.

“ O, I have nothing to wear. What will I bring, grrrr?!” she started out in frustration. I assured her that she’ll be fine, for her get excited about where she’s going and what she’d like to bring. Then i heard the panic set in her voice, “But its only for the weekend and all I want is a carryon as my luggage!!”

In full panic mode she continued, "Beside a few things in my closet, i don't want to spend a lot of money on this trip."

Here lies the challenge---How can us girls, pack for a weekend. Truly pack for a weekend, still be fashionable, stylish and still feel like yourself; really traveling with you own personal style.

But we can! Here are some simple tips for Pretty Tripping…..

I know my first comment may seem obvious, but when packing—plan! This creates an outline for what to pack, because starting, we know, is half the battle.

So when planning think about the activities, outings, dinner & or parties that you may be attending.

Secondly, think about the size of your luggage, ultimately that will be the determining factor of types of pieces you can pack. In this instance, small pieces work best for carry on.

Lastly, pack smart. Accessories and jeans may have to be recycled; but it’s all for the good of Style & Fashion

First your travel day should be Casual & Comfortable


  • Think comfortable cotton tee ,worn jeans or yoga pants/ leggings
  • For the temperature change, it’s always a good idea to bring something to cover up
  • Fitted sports coat (solid color) or long scarf (multicolor)

TIP: Think Bring and vibrant colors when traveling! You want to be noticed as you strut to your gate...

  • Again think practical and comfortable for your shoes. Think sturdy comfortable flat sandals or ballerina slippers (black with studs or complimentary bright color).

TIP: Weekend trips, especially in this instance, are typically hasty tips; so you want to be able to move through the airport with much ease.

Also these shoes are easy to slip in and out of for security.

  • Keep you accessories to a minimum-depending on direct/connecting flight, again you want pass through security to without tangling up your jewelry or the other patrons behind you.
TIP: Select small studs, a signature neck piece or a cuff bracelet/watch.

This was just the start of some things she could

pack for her trip. …

Selected items are from Forever21, where you can find reason priced pieces at a good deal. This is great option for casual & comfortable start to a (her) weekend tip.

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