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Thursday, May 13, 2010

How Nuuuude ....

This season you must have a pair of Nude Pumps!
They are the most flattering pair of shoes you will ever purchase. Just like your black pumps, the right pair of Nude heels will be your go-to-pair for the season. Think of them as your new neutral.
If you pick the right shoes, you’ve met your life partner. Okay maybe not that, but any Shoeaholic knows what I mean…
Why be Nude?
  • They are flattering to a woman’s legs. Neutral heels gives the illusion of longer limps, & you can’t go wrong with that!
  • They are complimentary to all the colors in the spectrum and all textures of style. A Nude pair of heels can be worn with denim, dress, skirts, skinny jeans, trousers, and cigarette pants; and dare I say it, white!
  • This is well worth the purchase & will pay for itself. For this season, and i say for time to come, it will be in steady rotation from your closet. It'll always be a classic!
Barely there?
  • It’s important to try different shades of neutral to suit your legs. Olive complexions can rock basic beige or tan, and if you have darker skin tone try going for a camel, tan or chocolate shade of nude.
  • Though this is a neutral color, Nude Pumps make a huge statements as an accessory & is a perfect way to Jazz up your ensemble without having to over do it!
  • This will be your iridescence piece to your wardrobe ...
Should you try walking around Nude?
  • Hec yea!
  • Also try different textures to the Nude pumps. That will definitely make this one of your signature pieces.
  • Why not?! Why not feel fabulous; why not feel like you
  • Here are just some reasonable prices pumps that i've stumbled across...

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