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Monday, May 10, 2010

Having Nothing to Wear ...

I am a lil of everything i wear ...

In the years I was blessed to grace this earth, I was always asked for my 2 cents on what to wear , what goes with this, what goes with that, where can I wear this, how does this look, to finally “I have nothing to wear, what’s in your closet….". And because I enjoy clothes, fashion and style oh soo very much; helping out wasn't much of a stretch for me. 

 The humor in this all, would be when friends would rumble through my closet saying, “what do you have to wear?” And as they browsed by garment after garment, I was tickled by the look of disbelief on their faces.  To them, My closet was one of a Schizophrenia Fashionaista; but it worked. It works for me! Then BANNG! It hit me. If everyone understood their own style and fashion sense, they would be comfortable in whatever they chose to adorn themself in. Whether its for that a day, week or even a season; there nothing like being comfortable in your own threads (skin).
Everyone’s style is who they are! So, once you understand Style is a compliment  to your attitude, your confidence, and your Being; and it is about pleasing yourself, and no one else.  You will love everything you put on...

Fashion is trendy, clothes are accessible, but it’s the person that makes it their STYLE!

What I LOVE about the beauty of clothes is the sense of freedom it gives you. Getting dressed for me is like the finale wardrobe fitting for the theater that I call my Life...and "I am ready for my close up Mr. Director."  The beauty of clothes is that it allows you to transform and transcend part of who you are, as if creating a mosaic of your Life’s Style
Nothing to Wear is a forum that provides style tips, commentary, ideas about trends fads, fashion faux pas, suggestion on local deals  and lifestyle ideas. 

This blog allows all Fashionaistas to support and express what is important when building and embracing personal style. This forum aims to build a community that communicates the idea that having a sense of style is being comfortable with You !
I hope this is helpful to others, since almost every day..just like you, I've utter the words “I have Nothing to Wear!

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