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Friday, June 14, 2013

Skinny from the Weekend to Week

And the phase of the skinny jeans continues…

From my last post, I shared my love for skinny jeans. It seems that I took that love a bit far and it went from a skinny jeans style of weekend to week

Have you ever had a time where you found a style you loved, that you rocked it longer than you expected? well, this was mines. 

This style of jeans fits slimming and with the variety of shades and color, you can accomplish a polished look without trying too hard. Yesterday was my bouquet ensemble; that is, a floral print top parried with a (darker) solid color pant descending to the bottom.

Earring -PopUp Shop Party 
Shirt – Target
Black Jeans- Rampage 
Shoes – Steven Madden  

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