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Monday, November 22, 2010

Loved'em...So I couldn't Leave'em

I am loving my new pair of knee-high boots. The one thing that i was looking for in a pair of boots, was style and comfort. I know that i wanted to adopt this fad into my wardrobe, and for that reason alone, it had to be worth it.

And in my search in the battle between comfort & style, I stumbled across this pair of BCBG knee-high boots! And of all places Ross. These boots fit and looked great. Soft suede for flexibility and height, a wedge for comfort and wear; this was the boots! I loved'em so i couldn't leave'em

A true fashionista's proudly shares their deals and finds, so I must admit being a bargain shopper made me into a Rossnista; hmmm...wait is that a word? if not, lets make it one for today. I think my mother had in my Ross stores before they has And though the commericals aren't what keeps be visiting Ross, its just a great place to find brands at a reasonable lower price.

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