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Monday, February 24, 2014

This Week’s Blog Theme : Dimensions to the Having a Flexible work Style

There are many dimensions to what you may wear to work. If you work in a space where a creative attired isn’t the energy of the environment, at times it may feel like you have to sacrifice your sense of style to expressive conservativeness. But I say, test yourself by fusing your expressive side with your business ways. To insert your style into a more conservative wardrobe, it's best to do so subtly. You can start with your accessories; then occasionally switch it up to incorporate more noticeable pieces. Getting dressed for work shouldn’t be a hassle. Though it’s easier said than done, it better to work with the items you have. Mix and match what works for you! This week, I look forward to sharing my flexible work Style with you all :-) Feel free to share what do you wear to work?

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