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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Walk the Talk 2012 Event

 What a great way to spend my Saturday afternoon,  walking and talking about personal style. Invited by fellow bloggers, the event brought bloggers and fashion insiders together to network and share knowledge. The crowd was lively and colorful. The Walk the talk 2012 event on Saturday afternoon was hosted by Young Hip and chic.

From local bloggers, photographers, designers, styles and consuming admirers, the room was filled with lively and colorful patrons of Personal style.

The showroom 77 was an ideal location for this event. it created the perfect networking and social setting to mingle with everyone. With creative give away , chic appetizers, the food was as colorful as were the make up of people.

Like most of my days around merchandise, I try to leave the event without the urge to add to my collection at home.  As I walked, I tried to talk myself out of having to buy out of lust. But heck, its 2012 and i should know better ...ha.  

I did fall for these red sphere earrings wrapped in a gold branchlike web.   I cant wait to wear them! im excited to see what threads i could accessories them with... hmmm and i did purchase a pink and gold teardrop earring.  Okay okay that was it.  Fingers crossed, I promise  ;-)

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  1. CUTE CUTE + CUTE. I'm somewhat mad that I missed this event! Glad you had fun :-)