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Thursday, October 18, 2012


I searched high and low for the perfect Vanity...until, i realized it doesn't exist. With my creative mind going, and  as an outlet for stress,  i decided to make my own. I knew what i wanted, the look that would suite me, and how'd i want it setup. ...Now i'd like to share  with you the steps on how to make your own Vanity. OR in this instance, Van(ME)ity.
  • First a plain board ( 1'x2') with flat surfacing. I recycled a old bookshelf from an old book case that i once purchased from Ikea
  • Then deciding on to color.  I wanted a neutral color that would make a statement, yet simple. So i went with Platinum.  I spray painted the shelf and the edges of my mirror.
    •  Tip.  when spray painting mirrors,  place newspaper over the  front surface of the glass , tape the edges for a even coat, and use rubbing alcohol to remove any access or random splatter on the glass.
  • You will need a shelving screw-set. I used the shelf holder screws. You can purchase form home depot, Walmart   or any other home goods store. In this instant i used one from Ikea 
    •   Make sure you account for measurements. Remember to measure  the distance from the stool- to the table- to the mirror before nailing them  secure
  • Lastly, i used the adhesive tape strips and hooks to create a wall of hooks. Those items can also be purchase at you local home goods stores. 
Hope you liked .... and this helps you to build your own Van(ME)ity !!

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