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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Embracing the Beauty of the Brim

The Perfect Sun hat:
First lets all come to the grips with the myth that are hats are only for special occasions; church, funerals,
the Kentucky Derby, and the most common of them all, on bad hair days. And if those things aren’t happening everyday personally, then most people shy away from experimenting with hats. But don’t let it!
Let’s embrace the beauty of the brim!
Say it with me “Hats can be fun.” The right hat can make the key accessory to accenting the beauty of a garment/outfit. Hats are your friends. Let’s not mistreat , dismiss or treat them like some lane stepchild; only introducing them as need be (those bad hair days).
You have to make hats a part of your wardrobe family!

For this season, large brimmed hats are great for sunny days, beach, picnic in the park, or long walks.
For those who have to work up to the large hats appetite, try an everyday wear hat that works well with casual pieces of clothes & dresses. Start small with something comfortable in flexible. Try neutral or solid colors that are complimentary to your skin tone.
Also if you see a hat you like (and reasonable prices) buy it! Why? - I encourage that impulse buy for items such as hats; simply because most likely you may not like the hat when trying it on the in store. But when you purchase it and take it home, you will be more comfortable to play with and adjust the hat to your style. It’ll speak to you on how it should be worn. Never wear a hat based on someone else’s style, find the right feel and attitude for the accessories you wear.

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